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About Astro

Astro Creative was established in Metro Detroit, Michigan in October 2017 by co-founders Jason Lanham and Alex Jacobson. We started by creating a wide variety of content, including feature film, short film, television, event coverage, concert recaps, festival recaps, music videos, commercials, social media advertisements, personal branding videos, and more.

Astro has since honed its focus to what we truly love to do: producing the best projects to tell unique stories for brands all around the world.

We take pride in creating things that don't fit the mold. We started with the intention of never making "cookie-cutter" visuals, adding cinematic style and aggressive editing to projects. We love our job and have fun on set, and believe that everyone involved should fun with every project. 

We're excited to be doing what we love. Can't wait to work with you.

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Co-Founder | Creative Director | Content Strategist

Alex has been a professional content creator since 2011, specializing in directing, cinematography and editing. He's worked on TV shows for Lifetime, History Channel, Comedy Central and HGTV, plenty of music videos (including Travis Scott's "Birds in the Trap"), and has been a stedicam operator since 2014. When he isn't working, Alex is likely gaming, on YouTube, or sending memes in the groupchat.



Co-Founder | Brand & Content Strategist | CEO

Jason has been a professional content creator since 2013, specializing in cinematography and editing. His first major project was a travel cooking show on PBS, in which he was Director of Photography. When he isn't working, Jason enjoys working out, cars, playing drums, listening to music, traveling & playing video games. You can usually catch Jason on set cracking jokes.

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Content Creation | Editor | VFX Artist

Pj is an experimental video and neural artist who's been directing content for half of his life. With a passion for solving problems and testing new techniques, Pj is always excited to incorporate emerging technologies into an existing media workflow. He also enjoys cooking, longboarding, and peanut butter cookies.



Content Creation | Editor | Social Media Content Expert

Kaden is a product of the social media age of content creation. As a long-time content creator starting in his early teens, Kaden has an innate sense for what works and what doesn't when it comes to viral content. When he's not on the clock, you'll probably find Kaden editing, streaming, gaming, or cookin' eggs.

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