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About Astro

Astro Creative isn't your average video production company.


Founded in 2017, we've honed our expertise to one essential element: crafting high-impact video content that resonates with your target audience.

We partner with brands and agencies to deliver exceptional video content, from bite-sized social media blasts to full-scale advertising campaigns.


We don't shy away from innovative approaches, focusing on what's disruptive and impactful.

What sets us apart?

We take the time to understand the brand voice, crafting genuine narratives that connect on an emotional level.

Our streamlined workflow and collaborative approach ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Our team boasts a proven track record, recognized for creativity and effectiveness with industry awards.

Ready to elevate your video strategy? Let's find out how Astro Creative can help you take off. 

​Alex has been in the video production industry since 2011, specializing in directing, cinematography, and producing. He's worked on TV shows for Lifetime, History Channel, Comedy Central, HGTV, Magnolia, Showtime + more, plenty of music videos (including Travis Scott's "Birds in the Trap"), and has been a stedicam operator since 2014. When he isn't working, Alex is likely gaming, on Twitch, or sending memes in the groupchat.



​Jason has been a professional content creator since 2013, specializing in producing. He's been working with brands to create effective strategies his entire career, working with brands like Ghost Lifestyle, MotorTrend, and Automobile magazine. When he isn't working, Jason enjoys working out, cars, sauna sessions, and a cigar. You can usually catch Jason in the office cracking jokes.



​Pj is an experimental video and neural artist who's been directing content for half of his life. With a passion for solving problems and testing new techniques, Pj is always excited to incorporate emerging technologies into an existing media workflow. He also enjoys cooking, longboarding, and peanut butter cookies.



Looking for a video partner?

Let's talk.

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