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You do marketing,

you're not a video agency.

So you keep making great marketing plans, and we'll handle making the video content. 

The Problem

Marketing agencies are overloaded with responsibilities. 

Video production takes a lot of focused time and effort, and most agencies can’t keep up with the demand of lightning-fast turnarounds at a high quality while maintaining superior marketing plans. 

Hiring and firing internal teams isn't sustainable. Partnering with a video agency allows you the freedom to lean on us when you need us.

Astro Creative is the video production partner to fulfill your content needs. We work with agencies like yours to create highly-effective video content that pairs your client’s goals with your marketing plan. 

We specialize in high quality content, and fast-paced turnaround.

We're fast, and we're great at what we do. As you know, great content makes your ads easier, and organic posts more effective (and maximizes client ROI).

The Solution

With over half a decade working with agencies...

We've learned that a great partner needs to be more than just someone with a camera. At Astro, we've set a new standard to differentiate from other video agencies. We're educated in branding and marketing, and we use that framework as the backbone of our content creation. 

When you bring us your marketing plan, we know what the goals and objectives are and can amplify those targets through how and what we create. 

Based on your targets, we can craft a content plan independently, or co-create it together. We want to make the most effective content possible for your clients.

You make great marketing plans,

hand off video creation to Astro,

and it gets done right the first time.

Some of our agency work

Still aren't convinced?

Don't take our word for it, hear it from our partners.

What do agencies say?

CEO & Founder

Dan Cobb

"For several years, Astro has been a valuable partner at DBA, contributing their consistent organization, strategic thinking, and eagerness to learn. They constantly elevate video concepts and productions, exceeding client expectations. Astro's collaborative nature and quick thinking make them an invaluable asset to our team."


Media Buyer, Advertising Strategist

Andrew Futrell

​ "On average, my client’s online ad campaigns work three to five times more effectively when my clients work with Astro. The content is always engaging, professional, and their expertise and efficiency is unmatched in the content creation industry."


Chief Marketing Officer

Princeton Clark

​ "Astro Creative is a beacon of excellence in the digital media and production world. Jason & Alex's dedication to client satisfaction, along with their proven track record in driving business growth, generating revenue, and expanding client reach, speaks volumes of their commitment to achieving results. I recommend their services to anyone needing digital branding and marketing."


Chief Executive Officer

Jared Suarez

​ "Astro does excellent work. They’re able to work with many different industries and no matter the market segment, they can really transform a brand’s online appearance. It’s like night and day for some of these companies." 


Contact us and see how we can help.

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