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Verizon: Making Mega Brands Feel Hyper-Local

Have you ever had one of those "meant to be" moments? That's exactly what happened when we teamed up with Verizon and influencer Emily Jean on their 5G Ultra Wideband campaign. It was a project destined for greatness, and here's why:

The Seeds of Synergy:

It all started with a phone call. Verizon's marketing team was searching for a content team to spearhead their hyper-local influencer campaign, seeking to leverage relatable figures in specific regions. Just as we wrapped up that call, a coincidence struck: our friend, influencer Emily Jean, reached out for help with a new campaign involving a "big company." Guess what? It was Verizon!

The Perfect Fit:

Emily knew our style and expertise, and she specifically requested us for the project. This aligned perfectly with Verizon's desire for an authentic, local touch. With our knowledge of her audience and Verizon's vision, we were a match made in marketing heaven.

Capturing the 5G Experience:

The focus? Showcasing how Verizon's new 5G Ultra Wideband service seamlessly integrated into Emily's fast-paced influencer life. We followed her through various scenarios: bustling on-the-go moments, managing her merch business, and enjoying a coffee downtown. Each scene highlighted how 5G's speed and reliability empowered her work and personal life.

Time Crunching, Content Creating:

The cherry on top (or perhaps the pressure cooker lid)? We had a one-week turnaround from proposal to submission. But fear not, we thrive under pressure! Our production team and Emily worked with laser focus, delivering top-notch content within the tight timeframe.

Lessons Learned (and Shared):

This project served as a powerful reminder of the magic that happens when the right people and opportunities come together. It wasn't just about creating a commercial; it was about storytelling, collaboration, and leveraging shared values.

So, what are your takeaways? Share in the comments below! Have you experienced similar instances of perfect project synergy? Let's celebrate the power of alignment and collaboration in the creative world!


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