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Ghost Lifestyle: Beyond Product Video

We created a spec commercial for Ghost Lifestyle – a concept video demonstrating our capabilities – that showcased how a production studio shoot could elevate how they showcased their product.

This wasn't just another product demonstration video. We aimed to create an experience that emphasized the delicious flavors and innovative ingredients of Ghost Lifestyle's products. We employed high-quality visual effects to bring their vision to life, creating an engaging and visually stunning narrative.

But it wasn't all digital wizardry. We also embraced the power of practical effects, showcasing the product's functionality in creative ways. We drilled a hole into the bottom of a shaker bottle to achieve one of the commercial's key effects!

This spec commercial served a dual purpose. First, it allowed us to demonstrate our production prowess and creative vision for Ghost Lifestyle. Second, it showcased the transformative power of a well-executed production studio shoot.

By combining high-quality visuals and a touch of practical magic, we were able to effectively create a stunning spec commercial for Ghost Lifestyle.


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