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Michigan State University: A Powerhouse of Content

Astro has worked with Michigan State's Broad College of Business since 2019. Since then, we've worked on dozens of projects together for the marketing department and specifically, their Master’s In Marketing Research & Analytics program, which has been voted the #1 market research program in the country for years.

One specific project we're very proud to have worked on took place in 2020 after the global shutdown.

Astro was contacted by the leaders of the Master's program to create a Masterclass-inspired online program with the professors. Together, Astro and the MSU team structured 4 modules, 10 parts, and 29 total videos into the brand new online master's program that included high-level executive guest speakers, Q&A sessions, and lessons directly from pro's in the field.

Jessica Richards, the Senior MKT Masters Program Director of the Broad College of Business, said, “The online video curriculum is a key selling point, and since 2020 we’ve consistently overfilled our admission for the program."

Although we can't share the content we created for the program here, take a look at the video we created that was shown at the Spring 2021 graduation.


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