Astro Creative Company is a Metro-Detroit based video production company specializing in branded digital content for advertising, commercial use, educational use, and digital distribution.

Our team members have been creating content since 2011.

Since Astro was created in 2017, we have:

Worked on hundreds of projects, worldwide,
for 50+ clients

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Collected over
2.5 million views on our content

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Won Gold &
Best in Show
at the 2019
Addy Awards
for "LEGO"

Our Clients


Commercial Content

Advertisements, commercials, brand stories, branded content, or anything else that an individual or company might use to promote themselves.

Educational Content

Online educational, training, and instructional content. Specifically for colleges or universities who need pre-recorded lectures, businesses that want to streamline the training process, or providing consumers with an effective walkthrough on how to use your product or service.

More Content

Although we mainly focus on the types of content above, we enjoy getting creative and exploring different avenues.



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